Tony – Lead guitar

Like most guitarists, Tony’s very early influences were imported from overseas.

Although he still has that ‘Hankering’ for that elusive Shadows sound, his real interest remains the steel guitar. Locally, Rob E G was it for him.  But at the same time (early 60s, and before the British Invasion), the whole scene was also about ‘fun in the sun’, so groups like The Atlantics, Digger Revell’s Denvermen, Col Joye’s Joy Boys, and The Renegades (who can forget ‘Kahuna’) and soloists like Dave Bridge and Peter Posa certainly provided a very credible local alternative to whatever was on offer from overseas.

Tony has always held the belief that Australian music, whatever the generation, is just as dynamic and competitive as anything else that’s on offer (take LRB, for example) and can hold its head high on the world stage.  So when the opportunity presented itself to be a member of The Old 45s, Tony jumped at the chance.